Several (free) enhancements are planed in future:

  1. - Video Recording on iPhone 3GS

  2. -... (see Planed Features page)


Podcast Producer at your fingertips .. :-)

The essential tool for everyone using Apple Podcast Producer for recording of podcasts.

Podcast Producer Remote (PCP Remote) can control several features of an Apple Podcast Producer Server giving you flexibility and mobility. PCP Remote can browse your available cameras bound to a Podcast Producer Server and can control these. It is possible to start, stop, pause, cancel and also submit a recording to a workflow on the Podcast Producer Server. Additionally, the detail information about workflows accessible on the server can be queried.

On the iPhone it is also possible to make local audio recordings, listen again to these recordings and to submit these local audio recordings to (currently special) workflows on the Podcast Producer Server. An example Podcast Producer workflow for such local audio recordings can be found on the product webpage.

Podcast Producer at your fingertips .. :-)

For questions, bugreports, ... mail: info@harlekins.org

Another application that might be interesting for server admins is Server Admin Remote, the swiss-army knife for the mobile Mac OS X Server admin.